Our greatest passion is being able
to transform people's quality of life
and make companies a better place to work.

Iron started in 2014 in the city of Los Angeles, United States, from the desire to help people achieve a better lifestyle, keeping in mind the importance of health care.

In the beginning, the fitness tool was aimed for the end consumer and offered training tips, optimized by technological innovation. Then, following its original values, from combining artificial intelligence with human intelligence to create customized solutions, Iron evolved into business.

Today we become experts in health promotion and wellness experts, seeking to leverage productivity and corporate engagement. We show the ways for each of our clients to take care of their own physical and mental condition, with multidisciplinary support at their disposal. We are determined to bring health to the greatest number of people at an excellent cost-effectiveness.

Iron na mídia

Our mission

Unite technology and
professional expertise to
help individuals take care
of their health, live longer
and with better quality.

Our vision

Become a reference in health
technology, developing intelligent
systems in various industries
and bringing quality of life to
the world's population.

  • 85%

    Employee engagement

  • 66%

    Increased productivity

  • 50%

    Absenteeism reduction

  • 23%

    Reduction of medical expenses

Ativo 3

Your company's success lies in coordinating care: nothing more, nothing less than distributing resources according to the needs of the population.

Jorge Ferro

Iron CEO and Founder

Our differentials

  • Activation and engagement process with proven results of 85% employee involvement.
  • Scientific research department focused on developing innovative health solutions.
  • Specialized multidisciplinary team of doctors, researchers, nurses, physical educators, nutritionists, psychologists and many others.
  • Department dedicated to individual employee data analysis, which ensures incremental cost-effectiveness.
  • Management of chronicles and hospitalizations.
  • Care schedule and individualized monitoring.
  • Collective actions.
  • Mobile app.
  • Dashboards with dynamic and interactive reports.
  • Integration with wearables and iOT.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Risk analysis for development of 44 diseases and intervention recommendations.
  • Relationship team: Account Managers and Customer Services.
  • 24h call center.

Global experience

With our global presence we ensure that wherever your employees are, they will receive the same experience based on our technological and scientific expertise.

Analysis of 70 million lives

Curatorship of +35,000 scientific articles

available in 17 languages

Companies with 50 to 10,000 employees have already chosen Iron

  • ZL Tecnologia
  • BOSCH Tecnologia para a vida
  • Anima Park
  • Galp
  • Leroy Merlin
  • Cassi
  • SESI
  • Senai

The solution your business needs to evolve

Our results have a real impact on people's health and on the essentials of their organization, such as motivation and productivity.

Know our methodology
  • circle_83porcent 78% of users said Iron made
    their companies a better
    place to work.
  • circle_83porcent 75% of clients have seen
    progress in teamwork.
  • circle_83porcent 72% realized improvements
    in engagement.
  • circle_83porcent 55% reported an increase in
    income or concentration
    after completing the first
    300 program challenges.

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