Efficient intervention
and reduced costs

A powerful tool for a successful
implementation of health protocols.

A lot is being said about how technological advances can contribute to Primary Health Care (PHC), democratize access, decrease expenses and make medicine more personalized and accurate. However, when implementing health intervention programs, many companies run into unassertive processes with low participation rates, which directly affect outcomes.

The Iron solution is supported by 3 key pillars: technology, multidisciplinary teams and user relationships. It is the balance between them that allows a great relationship between users and our action plans and ensures the impact on the welfare of the populations.

We support organizations in the implementation, execution, engagement and evaluation of health programs, with a focus on transforming the quality of life, motivation and satisfaction of beneficiaries. Through our professional expertise, we seek to align available care with business dynamics, contributing to transparency in resource management.

In addition, we seek the best alternatives for fully integrated care coordination, with systems of different healthcare providers communicating, automatically organizing beneficiary data, allowing for greater control over access to services and providing 7x greater returns than traditional chronicle diseases management.

  • Curatorship of +35 thousand
    scientific articles
  • Analysis of 70 million lives
  • Risk measurement
    of 44 diseases
  • Proven incremental ROI and
    improved cost-effectiveness
  • Multidisciplinary
    support team
  • 7x more efficient chronicle
    diseases management
  • Electronic medical record
    with health history
  • Dynamic data
  • Home visit with specialist
    and video conference call
  • Integration with healthcare
    provider systems

I found it amazing and wonderful, because it democratizes for everyone a better way for you to take care of your health.

Alessandra Martins

Social Media Manager – Grupo ZL

How it works in practice


We connect operator managers with our team of engineers and account managers to define the implementation flow and create digital channel access permissions, while always respecting internal company policies.

  • Training
  • Technological integration
  • Data import and validation

1. Engagement

We apply an engagement cycle composed by the Activation, Communication and Relationship stages, in which we direct our campaigns to the most diverse populations, always respecting the strategic vision of the operator.

  • Activation
  • Communication
  • Relationship

2. Intelligent assessment and mapping (AI)

Most healthcare systems have outdated or claims-only data. Although it’s important for identifying and impacting so-called chronic conditions, such information does not guarantee an adequate predictive analysis of users who have not yet generated significant claims and possible diseases that they may develop.

Iron has a strong body of information, with clinical data, medical articles and medical databases, able to accurately visualize future patient risks, enabling a real change in people's quality of life.

  • Intelligent pre-diagnosis
  • Classification of risk factors
  • List of diseases

3. Follow-up and care schedule

Our solution has algorithms and devices connected together. We seek the most competent care coordination and resource allocation, making the user experience more active.

  • Care lines
  • Care coordination
  • Follow-up

4. Reports

We prepare management reports that respect the medical privacy of information and provide updates on all steps:

  • Engagement
  • Risk framework
  • Care schedule
  • Strategic plan

The solution that really makes a difference

We understand that each individual is unique, just as each business has its own beneficiary integration routine. Therefore, we develop fully individualized care plans to improve the health and well-being of each employee. Learn more about Iron technology.

Our solution

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