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We know that small changes in an individual's daily life can influence the balance between quality of life and work, directly impacting their stress level, job performance and financial income.

Our program combines behavioral analysis with technological expertise to establish an individualized profile, identifying risk factors for your health and contributing to lower spending on health insurance.

We offer resources that will support your evolution all the time like the Iron App, the Iron Fit bracelet and a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and personal trainers. We design exercise and nutritional plans, medical and mental planning programs according to your lifestyle and the dynamics of your business to ensure your well-being and therefore your productivity.


Nowadays I have a lot of programs here, there are lectures talking about your diet, how you should behave in everyday health and I haven't had it before in the other companies I've worked with.

César William

Technical Operator – Grupo ZL

See how our solution works and point it to your company

  • Activation

    Our specialists introduce you and your colleagues to the program's tools, resources and communication channels. You will receive a personalized welcome kit and guidelines for accessing the Iron App.

  • Communication
    and relationship

    We assign a care coordinator with whom you can communicate as often as necessary to answer questions and track your progress.

  • Tools and

    We offer a fully integrated system that includes the Iron App, Iron Fit, health consultation, multidisciplinary team, action plans and online or offline tracking.

  • Results

    We have prepared reports
    for you to understand your
    monthly progress, as well as
    changing your individual
    habits and goals.

Keep your health in control all the time

Iron App

Iron App

Iron's app encourages the daily practice of healthy habits through the guidelines set by our medical department. You can still see how you are doing and communicate directly with your care coordinator. You can download and start using it right now!

Iron smartwatch

Iron Fit Watch

Iron Fit keep up with you 24 hours a day and provide you important information such as your heart rate, the quality of your sleep, your level of physical inactivity and more.

When you get guidance from a professional, you end up doing it right.

Alessandra Martins

Social Media Manager – Grupo ZL

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  • 01/04/2020

    Physical Hunger vs. Emotional Hunger

    In reality, there are two types of hunger, physical hunger and psychological hunger, also known as emotional hunger. Know the differences of both!

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  • 10/03/2020

    Food Preferences

    Learn how to achieve food balance: what to avoid, moderate and prefer to eat on a daily basis.

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