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Corporate welfare solution

When it comes to coordinating care in the business environment, we go further. We specialize in health prevention through research, technology and the development of smart systems that help with workplace productivity and thereby boost financial results.

Analysis of 70 million lives

Curatorship of +35,000 scientific articles

available in 17 languages

Strategies that go hand in hand with organizational culture

We adapt to the business goals of organizations and the real needs of employees, with constant actions that encourage healthier habits. Our focus is on the engagement cycle and motivated participation of each company to ensure a positive impact on people's lifestyles.

  • 66% higher
  • 50% reduction
    in absenteeism
  • Lower health
    insurance costs
  • Measuring the risk
    of developing
    44 diseases
  • 85% employee
Iron Solution Population
Claims Medical

Large companies have already benefited from the Iron method

  • ZL Tecnologia
  • BOSCH Tecnologia para a vida
  • Anima Park
  • Galp
  • Leroy Merlin
  • Cassi
  • SESI
  • Senai

We are bringing more motivation to our employees and it increased our income.

Elisângela Mendonça

Case: Iron + Grupo ZL A success story

After identifying that 84% of ZL Group employees were eating poorly, we applied our strategies to improve employee engagement in a healthy eating project, with actions appropriate to the company's dynamics.

  • circle_83porcent 83% Of the suggested

    were approved.
  • circle_83porcent 96% Of employees
    considered the
  • circle_83porcent 86% Of the employees
    reported progress
    in quality of life.
  • circle_83porcent 86% Of employees
    rated the actions
    with grades
    between 8 and 10.

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